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Big Brands develops custom branded television channel applications for popular connected television platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Opera TV store, Apple TV and others. We work directly with content creators and brands of all sizes to create an all-in-one, turnkey media solution that compliments your existing brand initiatives and marketing, online and off.

Connected Television is here! The fastest growing segment of the entertainment industry, and the fastest growing new technology since the Internet, connected viewership continues to grow at a startling rate. As of 2015, more TV viewers are receiving programming through connected sources than cable and broadcast television combined.  With it’s relatively low barrier of entry, Connected TV opens up a new landscape for content creators and brand-driven entertainment — a virtually untapped market approaching 300 million viewers worldwide!

Big Brands offers a complete range of development services for content creators and brands looking to expand into the connected television market.


  • Channel concept and identity
  • Application (channel) development and coding for all major platforms
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Video encoding
  • Subscription (SVOD) and Advertising-based (AVOD) monetization
  • Performance-based advertising (PVOD) solutions
  • Content Acquisition
  • Content distribution and licensing to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime
  • Content development, including production and post-production
  • Market and feasibility analysis
  • Channel management
  • Consulting and project management


To learn more about how Big Brands can help you launch a successful connected television presence, call (702) 560 1577 or email